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NUEVO AccountKiller SiteCheck

Want to create a new account somewhere? If you decide to register, it's always pleasant to know that you can leave again.

The easy to use SiteCheck bookmarklet lets you do just that. It quickly checks if you can easily delete your account, in one click.

To install: Unfold the bookmarks panel. If you're using Firefox, the bookmark panel appears on the left side of the screen if you press Control-B (or CMD-B on Mac). In Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, the bookmarks bar is usually visible by default and is located right underneath the URL bar. If it's hidden, press Control-Shift-B (or CMD-Shift-B on Mac) to make it appear.

Next, drag AK SiteCheck to your bookmarks panel and drop it there. That's it!

Installation on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad is a bit more complicated:

  1. Click here.
  2. Bookmark the page.
  3. Edit the bookmark and remove everything up to and including __ from the start of the URL.
  4. Save the edited bookmark. Thanks to Joe Maller for this neat trick.

To use: On the website you're about to join, open up your bookmarks and click "AK SiteCheck". A bar appears on top of the screen, indicating the ease of account removal. Try it right now!

To delete: Right click on the bookmarklet "AK SiteCheck". Click "Delete".


We encourage developers to use our database of sites in their projects. You can incorporate the AccountKiller site check by using this JSON file. It contains ~1400 sites and is updated daily. It is released under the MIT License.

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