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How to delete your Proactiv account

Contact customer service at 1-800-309-4796. You will need your account information. Check your bank statements in the months following your cancellation request to make sure the cancellation was successful.URLS: http://www.proactiv.com/

How to delete your Tencent Weibo account

It seems that Tencent has added a QQ account removal option, but it’s only available after your account is at least 60 days old, which is kind of odd. Go to settings & account Choose ‘close’ to close it. URLS: http://t.qq.com

How to delete your QQ account

It is now possible to close your account. See //www.accountkiller.com/en/delete-tencent-weibo-qq-account for more information. URLS: http://qq.com

How to delete your GoPetition account

Make sure you are logged in, then use the direct link to close your account. Enter your password and a reason as to why you are leaving. Note, your data will not really be removed, it will be archived, and you can reopen your account any time, hence the grey listing here.URLS: http://gopetition.comhttp://www.gopetition.com/accountclosure.php

How to delete your Experian Credit Expert account

From their FAQ (http://experian.metafaq.com/help/CreditExpertBRS/Cancel_and_duration/CancelBRS): To cancel your membership please call us on free phone 0800 561 0083 (Monday – Friday 9am until 6pm and Saturday 9am until 1pm).URLS: http://creditexpert.co.uk

How to delete your EuroBillTracker account

Send a mail with your request to: ebtlegal at, followed by: miuku dot net. Isn’t that a pretty way of avoiding spambots? šŸ˜‰ URLS: http://www.eurobilltracker.com/

How to delete your ChurchBud account

Be logged in, go to the Settings page and at the bottom, click the deletion button. It says your data won’t be found anymore after cancellation, so that’s good. HOWEVER one of our guests actually complained they are in fact still visible. So try yourself and report if you found something worthwhile. Besides, it’s in fact a ‘better type of deactivation’, because although you cannot log in anymore, you can still request an admin to reset your data so your account will be activated after all. Conclusion is, for full deletion you should contact them personally. We’ll make that a grey listing for now. URLS: http://www.churchbud.com/http://www.churchbud.com/user/setting

How to delete your Blendle account

Send an email to contact@blendle.nl to cancel your membership. It is not entirely clear what exactly happens to your personal information. URLS: http://blendle.nl