How to delete your Flickr account

Be logged in, use the deletion link. Of course, your linked Yahoo account won’t be deleted. However, if you delete your Yahoo account, your Flickr account will be deleted as well.

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2 thoughts on “How to delete your Flickr account”

  1. So how do you delete the Flickr account if you don’t have a Yahoo account. This is why I’m deleting it. When Flickr gets a clue and understands customer service, I may be back not until. They now force you to sign up for a Yahoo account which I have no intention of doing. The user friendly option would be to simply have a log in ID and password like most sites but that’s not Flickr’s style. So how do I go about deleting my Flickr account without a Yahoo account?

  2. Sorry, but I have tried deleting my Flickr account a million times and it still is active, or it keeps recreating itself. I need better instructions. It says it deletes it but I keep getting e-mails from them and if I go to the Log In page it sets me up automatically under my Yahoo account. I’ve also tried deleting my Yahoo account but it doesn’t seem to work, because if I go back to the login page it just takes my former username and asks to send me an e-mail with a recovery key. Help appreciated!

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