How to delete your MarketWatch account

Sadly, there’s no account removal option available.

Use the feedback form to ask for account removal. It can be found here:

Briefly explain why you want to leave. Provide the email address you used to sign up.

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2 thoughts on “How to delete your MarketWatch account”

  1. I give up, I started a new account, with a different email, whatever MW, so I’m no longer a “Leader”, lol, idc. The comment section of my old account was completely broken, no help, I asked for it, and got none.

    I don’t get this habit of some sites making it so hard to delete your account. Market Watch isn’t the only one. Facebook is another difficult to delete your account from site, you should be able to delete your account anytime you want with no hassle and done online. I’m sure it’s some kind of hustle about money, keeping the ad numbers up must have something to do with it.

    I could call the above number, but it’s not worth wasting my time, I’ll just note this as curious behavior we must endure on the internet. If an email can’t get the job done, oh well.

    Use old or throwaway email addresses you don’t use for sensitive areas, ie, financial stuff. For sure never give up your phone number. Ever. “They” only know what you tell them. Why does Market Watch need my phone number anyway?

    Market Watch is definitely not on my high priority list of websites, I read it for enjoyment only, not sound financial advice.


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