How to delete your Naukri account

We could not find a clue to deleting your account, except for the feedback form, where you can select ‘How to delete my account’. So use that link.

So, the interesting thing is that Naukri knows the question, but apparently it is answered nowhere, except when explicitly asked (even then the answer may be: ‘it is not possible to cancel your account’, although this seems even more peculiar).

hence: a very dark grey listing.

If anyone knows more, please report here and we will update the info.

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5 thoughts on “How to delete your Naukri account”

  1. 1. login to your ID
    2. click on this link…
    3. enter your password
    🙂 ur done 🙂

  2. If you wanna delete your account with please use the below link…

    and go on

    Ur Musthafa


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