How to delete your Pinterest account

Pinterest now has a way to permanently close accounts!

Go to

Scroll all the way down to Deactivate account. Click the button.

Choose Permanently close account

You will get a confirmation email as a final security check. The process will take up to 14 days.


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12 thoughts on “How to delete your Pinterest account”

  1. Only 7 trackers on your website ? wow this is privacy !!! hopefully you are here to help people think they delete their account, you cannot delete an account on pinterest !!! LOL what a shame your website for dumbs, but people will soon understand that you send trackers and you promote uneffective and fake account deletion…watch soccer and drink beer and stop to fok your visitor’s privacy…you are loosing your time, then all will be revealed about the way you copy/paste, looking forward to see that big fail…!!! 😀

  2. When I deactivated my Pinterest account, I received an email not long after informing that someone requested to reactivate the account. That person wasn’t me. Apparently, Pinterest lists the issue on its FAQ, which means that others also had the same problem of unauthorized reactivation. The site only suggests users to change the password. Then I emailed them asking for account deletion with no real reply except a computer-generated one stating I should report the abuse. Duh, I just did. I’ll email them again through another method, like direct mailing and see what happens.

  3. Massively invasive website. Typical for today’s social media where there is zero privacy. I’m logged in to the stupid thing but I can’t do ANYTHING on it without logging in again with social media. AND……it won’t accept my linked email or FB password. They probably data mined all of my attempts. Forget it. I’m done with this evil time suck.

  4. Pinterest is trash. They don’t offer the way to leave Pinterest. Once you’re in, you can’t get out. Even though you deactivate your account, they still have your personal info and keep sending you their promotion emails. I emailed them to please stop this, but there’s no reply.

  5. They have no way to permanently close the account, just deactivate it.
    I asked them on the email they sent to confirm deactivation, that I wanted it permanently closed!

  6. I have deactivated my pinterest account by mistake it says I have 14 days to reverse the decision but not how to do it any ideas?

  7. Doesn’t work. No matter which browser I try it in, when i permanantly delete it, it tells me: “Something went wrong on our end. Sorry about that.”

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