How to delete your Taringa account

For detailed info how to deactivate (!) your account, follow these steps: (in Spanish).

However, in the PP you can read that actually all your data will be deleted (=no deactivation) upon closure of your account:

Conclusion: perhaps someone can clarify what will actually happen when deleting an account. We tried ourselves and after deactivation we could simply log in again. So for the real deal, try anonymising and/or sending them a request ([email protected]) to truly delete your data.

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3 thoughts on “How to delete your Taringa account”

  1. Estas instrucciones son para la version 7 (no desactiva tu cuenta y la vuelve a activar si inicias sesion, LA BORRA PERMANENTEMENTE):

    1- inicia sesion en tu cuenta
    2- ve a las opciones
    3- scrollea hacia abajo y haz click en borrar cuenta (ese boton es nuevo lo acaban de poner)
    4- introduce tu contraseça y dile adios permanentemente a tu cuenta de taringa

    Accountkiller if you are reading this please update the information i provided above!!!!!!!


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