How to delete your Twitter account

Use the link below to deactivate your account. Twitter calls it ‘deactivation’ instead of ‘deletion’. In spite of this, it seems your info will actually be deleted. Read for more info.URLS: http://www.twitter.com

How to delete your Typepad account

Much fuss and unclarity here. You should contact them using webform to ask for account deletion. At Typepad it is only possible to deactivate your (free) account automatically. See also and http://www.typepad.com

How to delete your iTunes account

There is no direct link for deletion. It is often smart to deactivate (disable) your iTunes account, since it’s linked to the possibility to use the items you once purchased (due to DRM. See also It is possible to delete (cancel) your account, too. For this, contact Apple (mail or telephone) and request deletion. … Read moreHow to delete your iTunes account