How to delete your Vistaprint account

You should contact Vistaprint asking for account deletion (mail or telephone). You could use the link provided. Send an email (subject: Account – as if we need to tell you this, you’re no kid anymore eh?) and request deletion.URLS:

How to delete your Unibet account

It seems Unibet doesn’t describe how to delete your account anywhere. Perhaps try this: log in, click the contact link named here, select ‘my account’ and request deletion.URLS: http://www.unibet.com

How to delete your Amplify account

From their site: “If you wish to terminate this Agreement or your account (if you have one), you may simply discontinue using the Website.” On their site you can find numerous angry members asking for deletion, but no answer. So, it seems truly impossible here. URLS:

How to delete your RapidShare account

No letter could be found about account deletion. So perhaps the best to do: use the link to write them an email or ring them, requesting deletion of your account. By the way, your account will also be terminated in case of violation of their Terms. So be careful what you do, definitely if you … Read more