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CheckPeople is a public record, and people search database website. The company was founded in 2012. The Chief Executive Officer of CheckPeople is Nimrod Santo. CheckPeople is based in Orlando, FL. With CheckPeople, you can search background information on individuals. You can easily search for someone by their first name, last name, city, and state. You will then see instant results, which will include background checks, contact information, and public records. The website will also show you information regarding criminal records, such as arrest reports, misdemeanors, and traffic reports. The results are easy-to-read, and each report is printable. You can also do a Reverse Phone Lookup. The Reverse Phone Lookup allows you to search with any phone number to find contact information for that specific person.

There is a list of “Dos and Don’ts” that you should take heed to when using CheckPeople. You should use the website to look up a long lost love, find family members, research roommates, scope out a date, locate an address, verify online sales, public records searches, search neighbors, or to simply research yourself to see what records are out there for you. You should not use CheckPeople for certain searches due to the restrictions under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA). These restricted searches are tenant screening, educational screening, insurance programs, determine credit eligibility, stalking, identity theft, employment screening, or to find domestic help.

There is a 5-day trial available. This will allow you time to test out the website to see if it is for you. After the trial period, your account will automatically upgrade to a regular monthly membership. The trial is $1. The regular monthly membership fee is $44.85, which is charged on a recurring basis. If you would like to cancel your membership on CheckPeople, follow the cancellation instructions below.

Some Account Information You Might Need

We’ve found that the following information might be needed when you use the below methods to cancel.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email address on the account
Last 4 digits of Credit Card being charged

How to Cancel by Phone (Live Agent)

Step 1. Contact the business at 1-866-414-6799
Step 2. Advise the representative that you want to cancel your account
Step 3. Provide the agent with your account info
Step 4. Ask for a verbal confirmation code or email as proof of your cancellation
Step 5. Retain the confirmation information you’re given

How to Cancel by Web Form

Step 1. Navigate your internet browser to
Step 2. Provide the agent with your account info
Step 3. Fill out the page with your information where it requested to do so
Step 4. Click on the green button that says submit

Known Charges

These are the charges we’ve known to be associated with
Visa Check Card CHECKPEOPLE.COM MC could also be known as the following
CheckPeople, LLC
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65 thoughts on “How to cancel your account”

    • Same here but is 36.16 on mine, I want to opt out now and my money refunded today!!! I knew all the information you showed me. All you have can be found at the courthouse as public record free! What happened to the 5 day trial? Bunch of bull chit!

    • Were u able to get help getting ur money back AND if so , how may I ask did u do it cuz the exact thing just happen to me

    • I WANT TO OPT OUT AND I WANT MY MONET BACK ASAP. 29.15 and 8.99 i was supposed to be charged a dollar for the fee not that.

    • I want my money back. Didnt ask permission take out my acct due thought was unsubscribe. After 5 dayd. Done this twice on me I already th oight cancel it once already I b already in bind try pay my rent got s ya rd all over due y’all take my money …

  1. Yes I need my money back I got suckers in by them saying free there’s nothing free in the end I’m already entering the federal police.


  3. This is a SCAMMMM. They tell you it’s $1 then charge you $7 then days later $29 Then when you call they do everything to not let you cancel.
    I’m reporting it to my bank as fraud. Can’t hurt.

    • Same thing I’m dealing with exactly! I did the $1 trial in November 12, 2018. I sent an email the same day after doing my searches for which I didn’t download the report to access later because I had a sneaking feeling that was going to cost extra. So, I sent an email saying I wanted my account cancelled the day before the trial ends and I’m only authorizing the $1. I am going to call and speak with a representative to confirm that I only want the $1 trial and I want email confirmation, a confirmation number, and a letter. I called the day I started the trial or the day after and the rep told me my account was cancelled and I was charged $1 and $7 and nothing else and I’d not be charged anything else at all. I didn’t get a explanation for the $7. I used a credit card that I had stop using, and cut up but kept acct info and I had the pymts directly come out of my bank account and so there was no reason to check my online statements. My card expired in may 2019 and I didn’t bother activating the new card until 2 days ago when I expected a $700 balance and I was going to transfer it to a different card. Checkpeople started charging me $29.17 on November 14th 2018 which I just started $1 trial on Nov. 12th 2018. I didn’t even get a 48hr trial for the $8 I pd for the $1 trial and that’s how I know I called and cancelled it the same day opened because the rep said I had not been charged anything but $8 and acct was cancelled and I wouldn’t be charged another cent. Now, I’m trying to get back the 18 months of $29.17 that = 535.06 and the 29% CC compound revolving interest on that amount. I filed a dispute with Citibank and the contract States my 0 liability for fraudulent charges so we’ll see. I called checkpeople and since I’m going to be hard pressed to recover an email from 18months ago since I’m sure I don’t still have 20,000 emails saved since on that email address alone probably had received at least that many in the last 18months. I have to go through 150,000 pieces of paper, notebooks to pray I find and still have the cancellation #, date called, and person I spoke with. I’m not letting this go if I have to report them to the attorney general, the BBB, TV news problem solvers, written letters with every detail I have including how this exact scenario has happened to 10’s of thousands of consumers. I will look up every person and I will start a class action lawsuits again them and if I can include their other sites like peoplesearch. I will need a certain # of plaintiffs, other ppl who have been fraudulently charged by checkpeople. They did offer to credit me for 3 of the 18 monthly charges when I called yesterday and I didn’t want to accept because I don’t want it to affect the dispute amount in full but they credited it anyway. I told them I am not settling for that. I waited 90mins on hold for a Citibank rep to talk to on the phone with the updated info but I hung up because that’s unacceptable. Pandemic low staffing and increased calls is obviously the reason. I’m tired of how one human error can cost you money, damage to your credit report, and the emotional stress of it all. People make mistakes, whether you are the consumer or the company representative. Your fate lies in one person’s hands and companies need to step up and realize this. It’s part of running a business. Shrinkage or loss of profits are expected. When there are comments from consumers that used a particular company and 5,000 people report the exact same fraud ulent experience, the company’s credibility should be looked at and they should be fined and ordered by a court to dispense refunds to the ppl who cancelled on time and it shouldn’t be the company’s word against ours. All you have to do is look at this company’s practices and number of consumer complaints. It’s a pattern of fraudulent activity.

    • This is bullshit they were only supposed to charge me for the 5 days and that was a dollar and they charged me 38.95 they are rip off and scam artist put my money back on my card I did not agree to pay that amount and it does not state that I have to pay that amount of money it says a dollar for 5 days trial I want my money back .put my money back on my card.

  4. I would like my funds added back to my account, it was suppose to be a dollar but instead it was alot more, and I want the account cancelled

  5. I want my account canceled immediately. This is bullshit $ 1 you charged me $36.00 and I want it back in my account now. The only thing I looked at was myself and it was shit I already knew. I want my money put back on my card right now. I have never!

  6. Πρόκειται για απάτη και απαιτώ να μου επιστραφούν αμέσως όλα τα πόσα που χρέωναν την κάρτα μου από τον Δεκ 2019 χωρίς ποτέ να έχω συμφωνήσει σε τίποτε περισσότερο από 1$ για μια φορά. Απαιτώ την άμεση διακοπή κάθε συνεργασίας μου με την checkpeople llc και με κάθε άλλη εμπλεκόμενη εταιρία και κρατώ το δικαίωμά μου να καταγγείλω την απάτη δικαστικώς.

  7. Please put my money back on my card . I don’t know try to get this . I want a refund now my bills money please

  8. This site has nothing to do with checkpeople – all you people demanding refunds fro “account killer”:


    go here to request a cancel:

    Or call this number to cancel:

  9. They don’t answer, just run me from one place after another
    Cancel cancel cancel
    I even went so far as to cancel my credit card
    After being billed over 100 dollars?

  10. I want to know why I’m being charged $2.33 for a reoccurring charge for something I only wanted for a trial period. If this doesn’t stop I will contact my lawyer and the authorities for theft.

  11. I want to opt out of account and I want the money other than the trial period of $7.oo put back into my account. I’ve already gotten ahold of my bank and they are aware and sending papers for me to fill out

  12. This is bullshit they were only supposed to charge me for the 5 days and that was a dollar and they charged me 38.95 they are rip off and scam artist put my money back on my card I did not agree to pay that amount and it does not state that I have to pay that amount of money it says a dollar for 5 days trial I want my money back .put my money back on my card.

  13. I am going to inform the Better Bureau of your practices. I have tried to cancel and get you continue to charge me and send information to me. You are not legit.

  14. I did same thing did the trial and use it that night for a dollar and opt out to them and two months have gone by and they have taken my money

  15. My account needs to be cancelled NOW! I didnt sign up for this at all! I dont know how you got my account numbers! I never gave it to you! I will be calling my bank immediately tomorrow (today is Sunday) to make sure I am not charged again!

    • This is a $$$ scam, the company, the chargfes, thge fee’s, thge so called 5 day trial. I was charged on day one of trial, day 2 of triual, then chargfed a subscription fee on day 3 of so calked trial. Call customer service to try to get money back and purposly led to a website where i can request nothing. Lets all get together and try to do something

  16. you keep charging me although I opted out, please stop charging me I do not agree to any more charges, it was suppose to be a 1 and you guys have gotten about 100 dollars from me so far, please cancel my account asap and refund me my money above and beyond he dollar you said.

  17. Well I kind of feel like a fool for doing it in the first place but i got curious so I took the bait thinking I had time to cancel…well I check my statement and was charges 3 times on same day 3 different prices.i sent a email and hopefully they will cancel the account.hope I’m on right sight to do this I’ll keep sending until I hear something.

  18. Rip-off from the get go , signed up for the trial , got no info what so ever , deleted! Now find out they never deleted , thieves like this should be prosecuted

  19. This company is a big scam accidentally push the button but I never okay to withdrawal of 699 withdrawal be charged 699 and now they won’t refund it I’m taking these people to the Better Business Bureau

  20. This method worked, but the 1 800 number on the site is a trick. Its just a recording of someone pretending your phone doesnt work. If you call again you hear the same voice saying his name is something different but repeating the same trash word for word. Its a total scam! Website is intentionally misleading. Preditory sales point! Thanks account killer so much

  21. I want that account closed and want my money back apparently this has been going on for sometime been taken my money from account and no one was given permissoon to take a penny from my account .if my money is not returned to me within 7 days I’m contacting the police and a lawyer .. I sure hope this notice is not ignored cause I’m not playing ..crazy people makes crazy situations …


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