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How to delete your account

Need to have: Email address and Password

1. Go to
2. Log In with Email and password
3. At bottom of page click on Parents
4. Click on My account (Under Parents Links)
5. Click on Cancellation Policy
6. Click Continue-continue-continue
7. Choose a cancellation reason-click continue-continue-contuniue
8. Check the I Understand Box-Submit Cancellation-click continue


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  1. Ann-Belinda Honablezh

    I have been trying to cancel my account, I thought it was done, but since they have my credit card number, I am charged each month. I have notified the credit card company, they keep giving a payment. Today, I have notified the Federal Trade Commission regarding this company…including the $35.00 they want for cancellation.

  2. Emily

    Customer helpline phone number is +1 8OO 648 162O

  3. Jacob

    Customer helpline phone number is +1 866 94O OOO5


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