How to delete your Adobe account

The FAQ is not completely clear about deletion, neither could we find rock-hard facts about it on their forums. It seems there are 2 possibilities:

1. Send an e-mail, from your customer (Adobe ID) e-mail address, to, with your details: name, Adobe ID and request.

2. Alternatively, according to an Adobe page you can give them a ring (in the USA, that is):


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10 thoughts on “How to delete your Adobe account”

  1. All you have to do is contact support using the link on their website. Select Adobe Creative Cloud > Membership > Account Log In and type in that you’d like your account deleted. Account will be purged within 24-48 hours. Keep in mind you’ll never be able to have an account with that email again.

  2. Adobe is very difficult when customer wants to close account full stop! I had to use their chatline to ask to end my account. It’s ok for adobe o ask us why we want to close but they would not answer my simple question I asked several times, i.e. “Why can’t a user cancel their own accounts like other companies allow us to?” simple one would think, however I have the transcript of the chat & it’s there in black & white. Way too big to post here, but as I said…very difficult to close account there! Result for me: I have to wait for one week to close out.

  3. Got my request for deletion through chat support(you should be loged in first):
    You need to answer some questions first to enable chat support.
    1. What can we help you with? Choose “Account issues”
    2. What type of issue are you experiencing? I chose the second which is “Account setting”. It suggest you to doing things like checking the forum, just disregard that aand go directly to 3.
    3. Would you like to contact us? This is where chat support will be enabled, just choose “Chat”
    Wait for an agent to accomodate you. tell the agent you want your account deleted. the agent will ask for you email you used in your adobe account. Wait and confirm. If successful, an email will be sent to you stating your request and the time it would take (minimum 15 days, max 60 days).
    Feel free to verify by trying it yourself. Thanks.

  4. What a major fail by Adobe. What is this, the 90’s? The only reason why anyone would make it difficult to delete an account, is for lock-in purposes. Yikes!

    Huge minus, Adobe! Get your act together.

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