How to delete your Airbnb account

Go to and click “Delete my account”. Then follow the instructions and click the red button to confirm.

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11 thoughts on “How to delete your Airbnb account”

  1. This is not how you permanently delete the account. In order to do that, you’ll have to call or message airbnb directly. They show you how to “deactivate” your account which means that airbnb will keep all of your data, which you’ll be able to access once you log back in after the deactivation.

  2. How to delete my airbnb account full information in detail

  3. It’s ridiculous. I called to delete my account and I was told that they need to reach out to me to delete the account. I’m the user, I’m calling to delete the account, what do they need to verify?

  4. I want to delete my account. They e-mailed me back asking me to provide my photo id. I want to remove my information from their servers and they want me to send them more information. Very nice. Never posted anything, never rented anything, do not and will not need the account and want to delete it, but have to beg the company to remove my information from their servers. If e-mailing them from the e-mail address I used when I registered is not enough for them, they should have asked for my photo id at the time of the registration. Easy to register, impossible to delete account. Beware.


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