How to delete your account

Deleting your account is not possible. Try to contact them to have your account removed (and don’t forget to complain!):

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1.866.528.7784


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8 thoughts on “How to delete your account”

  1. Do not make an account with They just sent out an email saying accounts were intercepted?hacked. This site will not let you: Delete your account. Delete reviewed recipes. Delete recipes you have added.
    We recently determined that the email address and password typed into by members when they created or logged into their accounts prior to June 2013 may have been intercepted by an unauthorized third party. Based on information available to us, we cannot determine with certainty who did this or how this occurred. Our best analysis is that email addresses and passwords were intercepted during account registration or login by our members.”

  2. I’m going through a maze of hideous customer service with right now. I have been a subscriber for years, but after a recent bout with stolen identity and credit card theft, I decided to whittle down any unnecessary places that had my information. Guess what? Allrecipes cannot ‘find’ my account, even though I have the appropriate email address, password, and username to log in to my (paid!) account. They can’t even find how to turn off my subscription, much less delete my user account, which I also requested. I spent over an hour on the phone with them last night, on no fewer than *four* different phone numbers to which Allrecipes employees directed me to call. One number I was told to call actually connected to…nothing! Nothing at all! Just silence! At yet another number I dug out from the bowels of Allrecipes’ site, I was told by a very rude agent that I should not expect to get a return call for 2-3 days, and then he proceeded to hang up on me! If this weren’t so frustrating and worrisome, I probably would’ve laughed at that point.

    Long story short: Do yourself a favor and NEVER create a username/profile on Allrecipes, even if you’re just using a freebie account. And ESPECIALLY don’t ever give them your financial information. It’s just not worth it – too many other great places to find great recipes online! Hope this helps someone!


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