How to delete your Amazon account

There is no immediate deletion URL. You should send a message to Amazon (see link). If you actually buy at Amazon, do read the page well, about cancelling outstanding orders.

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6 thoughts on “How to delete your Amazon account”

  1. Here’s a copy of the chat I just had with one of their representative:

    Me: xxxxxx. Could you please make sure my account is properly deleted for all amazon websites? In particular: amazon France and Canada

    Amazon rep: If you would like to close your Amazon account in Amazon France and Canada, you would need to contact them stating that you’d like to close your account with them.

    Me: okay but that’s weird: it’s the same login and password… like how am I suppose to know on which amazon websites I previously logged in???? I know for sure there is UK, France, Italy and Canada. so you are telling me that I need to contact INDIVIDUALLY all those entities to remove my account? and what if I logged in, let’s say and I don’t remember that?? That would mean my account there would not be deleted?

    Amazon rep: Yes. You would need to contact them individually as our partner sites operates independently.

    Me: that’s a joke. How many websites do you have? Make me a list please. I would like to know how many different websites I need to contact to make sure that my account is properly deleted

    Amazon rep: Currently, we do have 12 partner sites that operates independently. Here’s the list: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom. You will be able to find the link of our partner site on the lower page of

    So if you logged in to more than 1 amazon website, you will have to contact each of them. If you log in again before the process is complete, your account will stay.

    IMO, Amazon should be blacklisted here.

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