How to delete your Answerbag account

Sorry, it can’t be done, as you can read here:

Perhaps send them a mail instead or misbehave badly. According to the Terms of Use ( your account will be cancelled in that case. šŸ˜‰


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4 thoughts on “How to delete your Answerbag account”

  1. Openly noticeable text/images often aren’t effectively removed even when you be successful in removing an consideration. Try modifying or removing them individually before removing the consideration itself. If you’re uncertain what happens to your tracks: this can be discovered mostly in the Conditions of Service/Privacy Policy; otherwise you can always get in touch with Answerbag and ask individually. By the way, removal demands don’t actually mean your information will actually be removed (e.g. due to lawful obligations).

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  2. They don’t allow people to actually delete
    profiles, but if you just set your display name to “Anonymous” and turn
    off the notifications, the account cannot be identified as yours, so
    it’s as good as deleting it!


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