How to delete your Ashley Madison account

From their FAQ:

Login to your account, click to the “Account Settings” link and then select the “My Account” tab. You will see an option to delete your account. Please do not contact us to request deletion of your account. Members are responsible for deleting their own accounts. Please note: You must complete your profile in order to remove yourself from the site.


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16 thoughts on “How to delete your Ashley Madison account”

  1. Hide Profile is the free option. This apparently blocks your account access too. Delete your photo and update your information to alter your profile first then use the free hide your profile option. I guess the $19.00 option to delete your account is to scare you into thinking they’ll keep your information. For what reason who knows, to get $19 bucks out of you. pretty scummy is right.

  2. Don’t be scammed!!, never pay to have your account deleted. Give them a call and insist on a complete removal of your account. That’s what I did. I’m in the UK though, in US it may be a different story, I am aware that corporations and companies have more rights than citizens over there.

  3. There is not a delete acct option in acct managment option..only logout or edit details…this is a mobile phone. Is thst why?

  4. How do I get out of this ashley madison account. Their site sucks. Most members send private numbers to text then try to scam you

  5. I do not have an account at Ashley Madison, never did, but I have been receiving tons of emails from them for years. I’ve tried to find any link on their emails that would allow me to get off their adulterer marketing list but have never found any. I get emails from them under the guise of Ashley Madison, Ash M, and several other names, but have never found a way to unsubscribe from any of them. Sure want to, though. I am not an adulterer, never have been, and never will be.

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