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How to delete your Ask.FM account

Request them directly to truly delete it at:

Otherwise, for deactivation: be logged in. Use the link to deactive your account.


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  1. Sharon

    If questions are deleted on can I get them back

  2. Martha

    Thanks a lot
    Love you

  3. Natasha

    Hi! Does anyone know how you can make it so that no search engines (such as google) link to any of your ask answers? I have previously deactived my ask and I have sent multiple emails to asking hem to completely delete my account but they haven’t done anything. If I google my name I can see my previous ask answers and some of the pictures I used to answer any questions. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT. Thanks so much ­čÖé

    1. me

      okay this isn’t the full answer but one thing you can do is go into your account and individually delete answers and that will keep them from showing!

  4. Manu Mahajan

    The child further inquired, “But tell me, here in heaven I don’t have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy.

    Mijn Randstad Inloggen

  5. Chris.

    Thank you for contacting Support team. Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete account completely. You can only deactivate it.
    In order to deactivate account, go to… and press ┬ĘDeactivate account┬Ę in the right bottom corner of the page.

    Also, only one account per e-mail can be created.

    This is the feedback i got, so it is “impossible” to delete it, so a request ain’t a good idea.

  6. Raquel

    What if I deactivate my account but I want to sign up back with Facebook … Can I do that because I don’t want to use my old account anymore

  7. ghujikolp

    I don’t if this is very helpful, but when they changed the terms of service i said no, and then the account was deleted b beacuse when I go to my old URL, instead of saying “This user has deactivated their account.” it says “Requested page was not found,” so I think that deleted it.

  8. Zoya

    If I delete my ask fm app will my account also get deleted can i login through laptop?

  9. Mickey DD

    How do you deactivate a suspended account on

  10. Sem

    ”Page not found
    Return to the main page”
    It does not work.

  11. skystreaming lagga

    a me piace la pucchiachella

  12. comment379

    There’s an actual delete link now:


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