How to delete your Blogger account

Can you delete your account? Yes and no. Not for individual Blogger/Blogspot accounts, because these sites belong to Google. See where you can read how to (at least) erase your blog entries. However, you can terminate your account by deleting your Google account. See the Google entry on this site. Not a very neat solution.

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20 thoughts on “How to delete your Blogger account”

  1. God, I can’t STAND Google+! I don’t want all my crap linked together. I want my gmail account here, and my youtube account there. And my blog over there. I don’t want them connected! And the “add people you may know” feature? What a complete invasion of my privacy! One of the top options is an old horrible boyfriend I haven’t had to deal with for years. Why on earth are we being prompted to friend up? I can’t get his hated face off that list because I can’t get rid of that list. Google, you suck. No one wants you to make social media decisions for us.

    • I agree completely, part of the charm of the internet is being able to do stuff anonymously. I want to be able to most blogs without risking my “friends and family” and anyone else I know to see it.

  2. Why would one title a post “How to delete your blogger account” when it explains how is not possible to delete your blogger account?

  3. I hired a hacker from Germany who did a really great job to shut down one of my accounts five years ago, I guess i will have to hire another one to shut down BLOGGER because I have found no way to delete one simple blogger page from 2005, all the others took about 8 years of persistent bugging the website owners and 90% are deleted. Where there is a will there is a way.

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