How to delete your CycleTrader account

This site is part of which belongs to Dominion Enterprises (
Unfortunately it is not possible to delete your account. As one of our visitors learnt from an answer they sent him: it is their policy not to delete accounts. To make things worse, you cannot change your email address and phone number (if you submitted it – however on some of their sites it seems possible).

What can you do, apart from not creating an account in the first place… Contact them using the generic webform . Select one of the sites, although it doesn’t matter since it is in the end one platform. Request to delete your account and all personal data. The probably won’t do so but at least anonymise your data and hope for the best. Another try could be to send a request to Dominion: [email protected]. When requesting, always use (fill in or send from) the email address linked to your account!

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