How to delete your Deezer account

Make sure you are logged in.

Then, go to

Click “Delete my account”. You have to enter your password and confirm.

Now check your mail and follow the link in the email. You have to once more enter your password to complete the process.

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5 thoughts on “How to delete your Deezer account”

  1. Thank you very much for this information. But it doesn’t work. It is the way it should, however, Deezer doesn’t provide any confirmation for cancellation of subscription. They keep charging you. It is amazing how a reliable company such as BOSE involves in such a scam and advertise this new company through their products. When you receive somathing from BOSE you assume that is something you can trust. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for two weeks. There is no contact number at any place to contact Deezer. BOSE representatives were not able to provide any number either. My question not to DEEZER but to BOSE how they get involve such a thing that crashes their reputation.

  2. I have tried to delete my Deezer account many many times and I have written the compagny several times with no luck. Its a scumbag-compagny!! My latest trick is to get a new creditcard, but I believe I have tried that to earlier!


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