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How to delete your DeviantART account

Apparently not everything is deleted from DeviantART, as stated on the deletion page, which is actually a ‘deactivation’ page.

Also, have a look at their little sniff sniff message in their FAQ: – it’s funny (and sad).


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  1. tamahawlk

    Deviantart is not an art site and I personally would love to have all my information removed specially since one of their admins cyber bullied me. they have no fucking right to use my information fuck them! e-mail is not mine because a friend was nice enough to let me use his so I would not be targeted on my personal e-mail.

  2. Gail Kavanagh

    Why do you call the site AccountKiller then say it can’t be deactivated. Pathetic.

  3. Helena

    Toll free Customer helpline number + (1) *866^ 94O *OOO5^
    Call them;;’


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