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How to delete your eNotAlone account

Because of ‘database difficulties’ it is not possible to delete your account, neither are they willing to delete it for you.

In cases like this, change your personal information into rubbish, so your privacy is protected. And send them your complaints: .


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1 Comment

  1. sillybilly

    I know how to get your enotalone account removed and threads deleted.

    You can get your post and account deleted by following this simple method. Break one of their many rules. I felt ganged up by the thin-skinned miserable platinum member cyberbullies. I was trolled and harassed by platinum member HollyJ after starting one thread so I sent her a message calling her a troll and the next day my account was gone for good You can also start a post with a headline that violates their rules. All of your content will be removed. It’s the only way I know of but it works. This will be the only post on this. Let me know if this post helped in the comment section below.


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