How to delete your Fitbit account

It’s possible to delete your account, but unfortunately it’s not very easy to do so.

Go to and fill out the form (select something random from the product dropdown list) and request for account removal.

From their FAQ:

If you would like to cancel your Fitbit account you may do so by emailing our support. When you request cancellation of your account, your personally identifiable information will be deleted, including but not limited your email address, name, photo(s), friends list and links to social and partner sites such as Facebook Twitter, and Google Health.


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7 thoughts on “How to delete your Fitbit account”

  1. “but unfortunately it’s not very easy to do so” but it is so easy to copy/paste copyrighted contents…mother fucker ! Your site is old, useless, go back to play Lego…mother fucker dumbs ! This is the end of account killer…

  2. I have a new fitbit charge 2 that I want to associate with my e-mail address but my old Versa Fitbit is still connected to my e-mail account. How can I disconnect my older VERSA fitbit from my e-mail account so that I then can connect my new fitbit charge 2 to my e-mail address?

  3. I purchased a used Fitbit from another user… How do I transfer over the Fitbit Flex to my information. It will not sync with my new account info—HELP!

  4. I set up my account, realized l spelled my email address wrong after it was set up. So, figured l messed up so decided to try again under my nickname & husbands last name. I did get the email address changed later, but, now it’s not working on the first account, can’t track my steps, etc. I would like to delete the one set up under the name of Lorrie Damm & use the first one under name of Lorraine Enos. Please help me, kind of like my fitbit is a waste.


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