How to delete your Fubar account

Be logged in, then use the deletion link. Good work!

For paying members however, it is somewhat more complex, unfortunately. From their FAQ: Please delete ALL info from your profile, cancel your VIP in your profile settings and email and request to be deleted. If you are a VIP, we must wait until your VIP runs out. We do this to ensure that no one compromises your account and tries to delete it. If you are emailing support, make sure you send the URL to your profile.


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17 thoughts on “How to delete your Fubar account”

  1. Please delete my fubar account… I am disabled and have no use for it….
    I did not ask for it…. Thank-you!!

  2. You’re sending sexual invites to my 15 year old child. You should probably delete his email immediately or you’ll be wishing you had.


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