How to delete your GMX account

Click “Settings,” then click “My Account.”, and choose “Account details” on the left. The deletion option is on the bottom of the list.

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12 thoughts on “How to delete your GMX account”

  1. I don’t know how old your advice is, but the option to delete a gmx account has been removed – that’s the case in June 2014 – and you won’t find any information anywhere as to why, or even any mention of the fact that it has been removed.

  2. I have been using GMX for a few years now without problem, until now.
    I have reached the limit of 10 email accounts with GMX.
    Previously it was very simple to go into a GMX email account and with a couple of clicks , to delete the account.
    I needed to delete a couple of accounts today to add new accounts, but it is now impossible to delete old accounts.
    Seems to be no way of deleting accounts or even removing GMX from my PC.
    I had the idea of completely removing GMX from my desktop and then starting agin until I reached the 10 account limit, but no go. Looks like GMX is rock solidly fixed in my computer. Grrrrr.

  3. GMX has been spamming my email address. I’ve had approximately 50 accounts that use my email address as the contact address… I’ve tried contacting GMX but they will not respond… Can someone help me?


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