How to delete your Gravatar account

We couldn’t find a thing about account deletion, but that’s probably because Gravatar is part of WordPress these days. If you have a WordPress account, you have a Gravatar account. It’s the same thing. Since WordPress is blacklisted, Gravatar will need to be blacklisted too unfortunately.


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7 thoughts on “How to delete your Gravatar account”

  1. Why would anyone want to use the same picture all across the web? Especially a personal one, like Gravatar and WordPress encourages. I followed your instructions, as well as changed the account’s email. Thanks for the tips.

    • Well, I use the same picture almost everywhere, so I guess that’s a personal thing, and the people who made Gravatar thought more like me than like you.

  2. I noticed when I have tried to set up a profile at a new site or app, satanic Gravatar seized control if I used my main email to open it. This is maddening. What kind of site won’t let you delete or change an email address? WordPress Gravatar. I took your suggestions to render the account virtually useless. I changed the name of the blog to Fuck Gravatar and WordPress. That made me feel a little better. I almost uploaded a diseased penis as a profile pic, but lord knows where that would end up. You suck, Gravatar and WordPress, and all your stuff sucks, too.

    Thank you, account killer.

  3. A good idea would be to add an email from 10minutemail or similar service, make it primary address and then remove the original address.

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