How to delete your Gumtree account

Be logged in; use the link. This is a pretty secure deactivation (reactivation only via a special link sent to you per email). However, it’s not a deletion, so we can’t make it a whitelisted entry.

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12 thoughts on “How to delete your Gumtree account”

  1. WARNING: Think twice about deactivating though !! I wanted to change the email address on my Gumtree account but there was no option to do that so I figured I would just deactivate the old account and create a new one. Every Gumtree ad that I ever posted went through instantly before i did this, but since I started using the new account every ad goes into ‘Processing’ and you can’t edit or delete it while you wait for them to post it. You can wait days and weeks and it still says ‘Processing’. This just isn’t remotely practical – the whole point of Gumtree is it being free and instant. I should never have deactivated my old account and I am now pulling teeth with their customer service to try and get this resolved!!



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