How to delete your Hotfile account

For now this site gets a ‘grey’ stamp. It is stated your account can be deleted, but where? Perhaps use the link, select “General question” and request deletion.

Paying members should first unsubscribe from paying (read the FAQ).

About data retention: “We will hold your Personal Information on our systems for as long as is necessary for the relevant activity. If you cancel your registration and your account is deleted Hotfile will no longer use the Personal Information, but for administration purposes it will stay on our system for a period of one year before being deleted.”

Further, many complaints about Hotfile can be found on the web, especially about suspended paid accounts, e.g.

Please note that is not associated with the business listed on this page. AccountKiller provides easy-to-understand instructions and guides on how to cancel charges and relationships from the list of businesses on our site, we have no affiliation with these businesses.