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How to delete your Hot or Not account

Go to Settings in your profile and look for the deletion option.

For some reason, in the Terms it is also stated that “You may terminate your access to the Service by calling us at 1-877-363-2535 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.”

Finally for paying members: “You will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees upon termination of your access to our Service for any reason whatsoever.”

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  1. Tony

    Hot or Not has modified their sign in page to ONLY allow you to access with your Facebook details>

    If you don’t accept then it just returns you to the same page!
    That is contrary to Facebook’s terms and conditions!

    1. actionmanrandell

      not only that but if you unlink even by accident they make you phone verify and will not allow you to log into your account until you varify. they do not even give you an option to varify in any other way

  2. john

    How do you make a hot or not!!!

  3. Kamran Akram

    i need help how to delete this crp did not even want crap joined via facebook help m please thank you

  4. sherv

    I signed-out from this app but yet whenever I search my name on google it brings that up.. how can I get rid of that?!!

  5. Marcella

    I tried deleting my account since every picture I put up got removed for no reason at all. Because it “didn’t follow the guidelines” You mean the guidelines that my pictures follow to the letter? The one I took SPECIFIALLY to coincide with your bullshit guidelines?
    Anyway, I tried contacting them, so I sent an email to the troubleshooting, and they just said.
    “Since you can’t use your password, try using your password instead”
    And they sent me a link to THE EXACT SAME PLACE I was at in the beginning. I’m just gonna spamfuck them with emails asking them to delete my account themselves. Maybe then they’ll get the message…

  6. AnonymousUser

    Just an update. Hot or not have changed their site design so now if you try to sign up, they will always forcefully redirect you from your account page to a “verify your account” page. This page will prompt you to take a photo of yourself making a certain gesture. However, no matter how many times you take and submit this photo, the verification process will never be completed. It’ll just keep redirecting you back to this page forever. There is no way to delete your account as the gear icon they claim is supposed to be on the top right corner of the screen isn’t there. They claim you are supposed to click this icon to bring up a menu that provides you the option to delete your account. There is no such option. It may exist for users who have already passed the verification process (how they passed it is a mystery since it’s a broken pile of shit), but for new users who just signed up there is literally no way to delete your account. I tried contacting their support like 20 times in the last 24 hours since I tried to sign up for that useless piece of shit site, and I still can’t get my account deleted. I spent all night just trying to access my account only to be repeatedly redirected to their bullshit verification page. I have already submitted a complaint against them with the FTC and will probably also file a complaint with the BBB. I recommend that EVERYBODY reading this does the same right now. We should make this company suffer for having such shit design and entrapping users into uploading their photos to be published online without any ability to delete their account afterwards. This company is run by absolute fucking morons and they deserve to face the maximum legal consequences available

  7. Susan

    If you face any technical problem you can call on toll free number
    customer helpline phone number is +1 866 940 OOO5 .,.,,,


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