How to delete your account

You can use the direct link to delete your account. Follow the instructions to confirm.

However, if you’ve forgotten your password, it’s very unlikely that you can have your account removed. Our users have reported that the admins aren’t too willing to help you out. So be careful if you want to create an account here.

You can try to contact them using

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Please note that is not associated with the business listed on this page. AccountKiller provides easy-to-understand instructions and guides on how to cancel charges and relationships from the list of businesses on our site, we have no affiliation with these businesses.

1 thought on “How to delete your account”

  1. The administrator simply can NOT help because the users are completely anonymous on Keyja, therefore it is impossible to verify if someone owns an account or not. Anyone could ask to delete anyone’s account if the administrator agreed. The password is the only way to identify a user and is impossible to change. These limitations make Keyja really anonymous while the registration process takes less than 1 minute. The downside is that there is no password reminder functionality. The accounts are automatically deleted after 4 months of inactivity, so if a user fails to delete his account, it will be soon deleted anyway.


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