How to delete your Minecraft account

If you are not on the new Mojang accounts, you cannot delete your account unless you migrate it first on the Mojang Accounts signup page.

Once you are on the new Mojang accounts, go to and sign in.

Under “My Account” click “View account settings”. Once you are at the settings page, click “Learn how” under “Delete Account”, and then click “Request Account Deletion”.

They will send you an email. Click the link in the email, answer the security questions and password and then click delete account.

Thanks to Jacob for this info!

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30 thoughts on “How to delete your Minecraft account”

  1. I Want A Different Name But If I Delete My Account I Can’t Use The Same Account Details Which Really Sucks Do U Know How I Delete My MC Account But It Also Changes My Name Aswell I Want A name Like xXBeastXx I Have Harry29104 It Sucks!!

  2. Thanks If U Help DudeeZ I Might be Getting Another Email Address :/ :/:/:/:/ I Sure Do Hope I Do If U Know Anything Lemme Know K?

  3. Wow. Big Thanks! I successfully deleted my account and Minecraft game for awhile. I can reinstall the game whenever I want from techbigs site.

  4. I want Change my username my username mattepants 5313 ih hate taht it UgLy Name you Know I WANT MY LUV COOKIEDONAT ♡ TwT

  5. (I have not bought the game yet)My username sucks so I wanna delete the account and create another to buy it on there. how would I do that?? I cant see any delete button. helppppp


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