How to delete your Mingle2 account

You can only deactivate your profile, and it’s unclear what happens to your personal data.

To deactivate your profile, go to

You can reactivate at any time, hence this site is blacklisted.


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30 thoughts on “How to delete your Mingle2 account”

  1. Kindly delete my mingle2 account permanently .as its a habit of unethical moderators On mingle2 to delete clean photos, and to ban people .
    A time when people need to be different facebook n mingle2 decide to ban people and then lets call the world rasict
    This behaviour is beyond disgust

  2. Dear Sir /Madam , I can not open my Mingle2 account ,i keep getting a notice to post a FOTO which i have been doing ,can you please help me to access my account ,My name is SILVERFOX214 and my Address is [email protected] ,Thank you in advance ,,J


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