How to delete your New York Times account

Use the form to contact support and ask for account removal. Not quite the way we like it.

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9 thoughts on “How to delete your New York Times account”

  1. I asked them to delete my account and they told me to add a “1” to the end of my email address under account preferences. So…my account isn’t actually being deleted, just associated with a slightly different email. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me.

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  3. Taking the 20 minutes to contact NYT customer service will only result in them sending you this link:

    On that form is the option to cancel your subscription. However, they won’t actually cancel your subscription under any circumstances. After going filling out the request they will simply send you an email stating “We cannot fulfill your request at this time because the laws of your country do not afford you data subject rights.” Never do business with this crooked company.


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