How to delete your account

Contact customer support to have your account manually removed.

Go to

Choose “Account / Other” from the tabs on the left.

Click “Other Account Related Questions”.

Click “Submit” and fill out the form – politely ask for the cancelling of your account.

UPDATE: Several users reported that NewEgg does not remove your account, but instead suggests to randomize your personal details. So we’ve put NewEgg on the blacklist for now.

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17 thoughts on “How to delete your account”

  1. Augh! Too little too late. NewEgg sucks and will not delete an account from their inferior website/servers/service (and I didn’t even place an order, that God).

  2. You have to chat with their customer service. They will email you to confirm, to which you only need to respond (I assume to confirm it is indeed your account.) and they will submit a request to get it deleted for you. I have just done this.


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