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How to delete your OLX account

Sorry, we could not find any information pertaining to account deletion. Perhaps try the link and request removal using the webform:[contact]=ContactLegalIssues

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  1. The Eraser

    Your pages are so “has been”, your site does not respect users privacy and does not help for complete removal but deactivation, this is a site for kids that does not know what mean the word “privacy” and “delete”…have fun!


    AccountKiller increase in Content theft…

  3. Huzaifa Anis

    Somebody gave a fake add about splendor nxg and gave my contact no.
    i have been getting numerous calls and am truly very stressed out.
    please do something about it.
    i’l be indebted to you for life.

  4. 99th Packers

    Very useful information. Thank you for sharing
    it. Thanks

  5. saif

    Dear pls remove add, Item sold but I don’t have a log in my email is:

    add linked is


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