How to delete your Overstock account

To cancel an account, try the live chat feature found here: – it’s the quickest option available.

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16 thoughts on “How to delete your Overstock account”

  1. Do not wish to have an account anymore because of the fact I had to pay half of what I bought to return it.Definitely not worth buying though overstock was like $26 and I paid $10.25 to return it.

  2. Lol ridiculous. I contacted Overstock through chat to cancel my account after terrible customer service because of THEIR mistake. The agent point blank said the following:

    For record keeping purpose accounts cannot be removed from our system. However you can remove stored credit card information and stop emails from being automatically sent to your email address by following the following instructions.
    Please enter wrong email address to your account and save it. It will automatically become Invalid.

    I was nice enough to change the email address on my account to f**[email protected] 🙂

  3. overstock would not let me delete my account. Garrett (customer support) told me to just add the word invalad to the front of my email on my account settings and I shouldn’t be able to log in anymore. Worst policy ever.

  4. customer helpline phone number is +1 8’6’6-9’4’0– 0′ 0′ 0′ 5
    Best information i have ever seen. ;’/./


  6. Overstock was the biggest online shopping mistake I ever made. All their merchandise was overpriced and of inferior quality. I had to return most of the items and they will not give refunds. I had to keep ordering things with my credit to try and get something I thought I wouldn’t have to return.

    Their credit card system was messed up too. I put initial order on the credit card and wanted to pay it in full, but going to their website would not allow me to pay it. I would click the PAY button but nothing would happen, no message or anything. I tried with about four browsers and on three different computers, still nothing would work. I wanted to pay the balance so I could close everything for good. I finally was told that you can’t make a payment to your account until the account has a payment due, which is totally stupid. Even after I had a payment due and made the payment, it would not apply the payment for about two weeks, when the payment was officially “due”.

    I will not patronize such a crazy system and have told them to close my Overstock credit card and want Overstock to close my online account.


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