How to delete your PokerStars account

We couldn’t find any info on closing your account on the PokerStars website (which is bad). However, this tip we found somewhere might help.

Send an email to: Address the CC: address to your own email so you receive a copy. Put “Close account” in the subject line. Politely request to have your account closed and provide a brief explanation. Include your PokerStars username and email address that you used when joining the website.

Please share your experiences. We’re no poker players (nor we will ever be) so we cannot confirm the above. Greylisted for now.


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6 thoughts on “How to delete your PokerStars account”

  1. Delete your account on pokerstars and all other online poker sites. If you really want to play poker, play live not online. Live, you can control the outcome, online not. Their software will just suck up all your money…

  2. They want me to change my account I don’t understand .what am I supposed to do?.I just don’t no what to do. Please let me no . Thanks

  3. Titel: How to DELETE!!!

    Their answer: Account closed!!!
    Closing is not deleting

    How can I force them to DELETE my data. I don’t want my data in their System.

    Thanks for a Solution to realy delete my account.


  4. Reasons why .COM account details cannot be deleted
    Under our current License requirements in the Isle of Man, one of the pieces of legislation with which we must comply is the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Online Gambling) Code 2013, which can be found under the section Codes here.

    Paragraph 14 of this Code sets out provisions that mean we are not permitted to delete, destroy or alter any information stored in our database for a set period of time (at least 6 years following the last transaction made by a customer or following the closing of the customer’s account).


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