How to delete your ProfileEngine account

This is a site we would recommend to study vigorously first (see the help section). According to some of our visitors, it’s difficult to get rid of. They seem to use other social networks as input. That’s always tricky.

From their Help pages: remember that deleting your profile is permanent. You will lose all your friends. You will lose all your groups. All your profile information will be deleted. You will lose your music playlist and you will no longer be able to access unlimited free music tailored to your personal taste. If you are absolutely sure you want to delete your profile then you must first log in. If you don’t already have the password then you will need to claim the profile first. Once you have completed the login process you can then delete your profile. Remember, unlike Facebook, deleting a Profile Engine profile is permanent and you will not be able to reverse the process or log in again afterwards.

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7 thoughts on “How to delete your ProfileEngine account”

  1. This information was not very helpful at all. The link provided does not provide you any new information in comparison to what is on the website. Once you click on the link provided you are redirected to the same loops that are on the ‘ProfileEngine’ website and you cannot remove your profile.

    An actual solution (an not a link) to circumvent that looping process on the ‘ProfileEngine’ site would be useful otherwise this is a waste of time.

    Lets be serious about this…

  2. Just a head up for everyone.. visit and read http://deleteprofileengine…. it has all the information you need to contact the website owner, and other privacy agencies in your country

    You’re welcome!
    (Mine profile is still “pending”, but followed the steps on that site)

  3. You can’t delete a profile that was obtained and generated by identity theft through Facebook. What email address/ user name/ password did they give me so that I can claim my unwanted and unauthorized profile, so that I can delete it?

  4. This info is out of date. It is almost impossible to remove yourself from profile engine.

    The site was set up to trick you into uploading your ID. The whole purpose of the site is to capture scans of ID, and email addresses. The owner, Chris Claydon, has some nefarious plan. He is probably selling your information to those who plan to use it for some illegal purpose.

    All sites that post your information, ask you to claim your profile, and ask for ID, are doing it to phish for more data on you. Often a commercial information broker will set up a, seemingly harmless “not for profit” site that pretends to help you. When you give them your ID, and email, you are just feeding their main site with information.


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