How to delete your Quora account

Send an e-mail ([email protected]) asking for deletion. Not very neat – however on the other hand, all your info and published texts will be deleted. You can also deactivate your account (and probably reactivate later, if you wish). Go to and click ‘Deactivate account’.

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51 thoughts on “How to delete your Quora account”

  1. That “Deactivate account” link is no longer on the settings page. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Have emailed the address above.

  2. The delete account, and deactivate account choices are there, you just need to type in your “password” to activate them. I have done that three times, and Quora just says its the wrong password. Simple way to stop people from getting off their stupid site.. This is obviously a stupid scam type website, why is it there? How do they make money?

  3. I followed the link above and there is now a delete account option as well.
    Delete is instant and then you seem have 14 days to change your mind.

  4. This page should be updated. Quora now allows account deletion from your privacy page. They’ve just been compromised so I noped out of that website.

  5. Quora now provides users the option to manually delete their accounts. The option can be found at the bottom of the ‘Privacy’ page, in ‘Settings’.

    I tried making an edit with more detailed and simpler instructions but the site won’t let me submit it. Or is it standard for their to be no confirmation from the site after clicking ‘Send it in’?


  7. Just piss off Quora a heavy left leaning blog site and they will terminate your account. So much for this phony tolerance.

  8. Like Mr. Wernisch said, “Just piss them off”. All you need to do is start asking questions against liberals and they will warn you first and then they’ll blacklist you. It’s pretty simple. I’ve been warned several times. Just remember that Quora is full of very left leaning Trump hating libtards. Their answers are so bias it’s sickening. The people that answer questions do so from opinion, no facts, and no citations/references to back them up. This is typical of the left. There’s a reason several of my professors in school would not take quotes from Quora as legitimate references on ANY papers.

  9. I’ve tried deleting my account two already and Quora tells me to click on a link which I then do. I come to a page that says unable to receive mail or address not found, that was the first time I tried to delete my account. The second time Quora sent me a mail to say my account couldn’t be deleted. What exactly am I missing here? How hard can this be? I’m being undated with requests to answer questions. Delete my account now pls I hope this is the last time I have to you.

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  13. This website is full of slanderous lies. Not only do I want to block you but you need to face charges for publishing this garbage. Seriously it is libel and fake news. Who do I report this website to?

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