How to delete your Rakuten account

If you (would have) read the PP, you could know that it reads pretty well, as far as our favourite part concerns. And as we expected, you can delete your account with the exception of two reasons, exactly the one you can read in our AK FAQ: technical and legal. Sit with us and read:

You may ask to have the information on your account deleted or removed; however, because we keep track of past purchases, you cannot delete information associated with past purchases. Also, as a security measure we “back up” the data stored on our systems, and such prior information cannot be completely removed from our databases. As a result, you should not expect that all of your Personally Identifiable Information will be completely removed from our backed-up databases.

So go ahead and ask them (be logged in):

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4 thoughts on “How to delete your Rakuten account”

  1. +1 866 940 0005

    customer helpline phone number is +1 866 940 0005
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  2. deactivate my rakuten insight survey account in [email protected] since making bad effect on other email in made regded this survey or no click of deactivation getting in login account and reply email =
    Sorry, this survey has already been closed.

    Thank you for taking this survey.
    Looking forward to your next participation.=
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  3. This app is tracking all the financial detail from all the other apps you use with Rakuten. They checked all the detail of my accounts and my wife’s accounts. I never consent to check on my financial detail.


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