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How to delete your account

There’s no way to delete your account manually. Quite strange for this privacy related web service!

From their page: You may cancel your membership by contacting our cancellation department at 650-381-2973.

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  1. Boon

    I’ve written an email to reputation about deleting my account. I tested it a few weeks but all I got was ads and those empty monthly results. As you said, deleting the account isnt the easiest, I hope this wont become some mail-pingpong until they delete my account.

    First round:

    Read from the bottom to the top:


    I’ve directly signed up via when I created this account.
    There is no word of Gathr, neither in your Terms of use, nor in your
    Privacy Policy. In my opinion, a company specialized in privacy and
    reputation should not hamper someone from deleting his or her account.
    I’m living in Germany, so I wont just call a 855… for an
    Account-Deletion. The “fastest” and easiest way to cancel my service
    (from my point of view) should be in writing you an email with this
    incident. Oh, and I dont even have an gathr-Account.

    Have a nice evening Lyla,

    I hope you can delete my account without going through much mail-pinball.



    “Hi Frederik,

    Thank you for contacting Since you signed up for our services through Gathr, you need to contact Gathr Customer Support directly for any billing or cancellation requests. The fastest and easiest way to cancel your service is by going to or by calling Gathr directly at 855-405-2008.

    Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

    Kind regards,
    Lyla Member Services Team
    Tel: 888-720-9980


    “Dear helpdesk of,

    I would like to delete my account of since
    I dont see any advantage for me as a private person and I am not going to
    spend money for the exclusive services.

    Kind regards,


  2. ReputationDotComScam

    google “ SCAM” then ask yourself: if they can’t protect THEIR google-search, how can they protect YOURS?
    for a list of regretful clients, see:


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