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How to delete your RuneScape account

Please follow the laborious instructions at the deletion link. This (probably) goes for player accounts only. The RS site account may be different. Heck, why not ask at their support address to delete it? That is:

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  1. Haterofruenscape and disapprov

    This isn’t an account deletion as they describe it. It is only an account disable request. They told me that they never delete accounts.

    1. Guillermo Enriquez

      I just sent the following email to the support address above, we’ll see how that turns out…

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I played Runescape back in 2008 for a while, and was curious about how it had evolved with the years, so when I tried to access my account today it turns out it is permanently banned for misuse in March 2013. I was shocked, for when I played regularly I did have one case of an account hijack but it was solved via your on site procedure, so of course I wanted to see the reason for this nonsense, and conveniently enough, you have a link to view the evidence but it turns out that the alleged offense is considered serious and the ban status is permanent and final, regardless of the fact that you never sent a warning e-mail to solve the issue before it came to that.

      Since my interest was only to see what had become of a game I invested so many hours in my high-school years, and since I cannot access my game account anymore I have no interest in you keeping my account and personal information, so my request is for you to delete said information promptly or provide me the legal support for you to keep it.

      Yours truly
      Guillermo Enriquez


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