How to delete your RunKeeper account

Visit this page –
Scroll to the bottom section “Privacy and Terms of Service”
Click the blue text “Delete Your Account”
On the next screen, select the “Yes, please delete my RunKeeper account” link

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4 thoughts on “How to delete your RunKeeper account”

  1. From the RunKeeper support page: “Some users, who’ve signed up with RunKeeper using Facebook Connect through the mobile app, are currently unable to delete their accounts. We’re working on a fix now, but in the meantime, please contact our support team at [email protected] to guide you through the delete process. Thanks for your patience.”

  2. If you joined via Facebook and you cannot delete the account try this:
    – Request new password on the login page (Forgotten password).
    – Set up a new password.
    – Log in.
    – Go to Account Settings.
    – Go to Privacy & Promotions.
    – Scroll down to the bottom and in the long paragraph in the bottom find a link to Delete your account.
    – Fill in the data and the new password.
    – Delete (the lag can take up to a minute but it seems it works).

    Changing the password from within the service, via settings seems not to work since after providing required data in account deletion form the page throws out an exception.


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