How to delete your SpeedDate account

Speeddate makes it quite a bit of a hassle to find the deletion option. Actually you can find lots of complaints on the web about it.

Use the link to request removal. Fill in the data, choose option 6 (Opting out) and then the option ‘Please remove my profile’.

Another option is to deactivate your account, using:
(scroll down for deactivation.)

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17 thoughts on “How to delete your SpeedDate account”

  1. I want all what ever accounts deleted !!! my son is only 15 yrs old and uses this email address of if no action taken immediately , next action from me will be LEGALLY !

  2. hi i dont know how to delete my speed date account and im very angry i dont know how to delete it:(

  3. Please delete my account, that I did not know I had. Cancel the $155.40 bill you placed on my checking account. This transaction was not authorized and has been reported to the bank. Notify me me when this has been done. Do not bill me again. I do not want the services of your company. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated/

  4. I want my account closed immediately!! I do not want to be on this site!! thanks!!

  5. please delete my acc today never asked for it never signed up please get rid of it dont need it if not will take legal action for it to be removed email peter hale


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