How to delete your Spotify account

You no longer have to send them an e-mail, you can use a contact form instead. In the first field, select ‘Removing/Cancelling Spotify’, in the second ‘Delete/close my Spotify account’ and in the third select your reason for leaving.

You can also send an email to and provide them with your username, date of birth and postal code and they’ll delete the account for you.

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6 thoughts on “How to delete your Spotify account”

  1. While Spotify do not object to user accounts being deleted, the process if slow and frustrating. It is particularly frustrating if you only have a free account (like I had).

    In order to get my account deleted, I was informed to use an online Customer Contact Form, which I used to submit my request. I received an auto-reply email with a case number. Nothing happened after that for a few days. I eventually went onto the Spotify community forum and asked for advice. I was told to contact Support using the contact form. When I pointed out that I had done this
    already, I was told that I need to email the auto-reply email I received to customer support. A moderator on the community forum said they would also look into it for me and escalate the case. I then got an email telling me that they would delete the account, but asked me to reconsider. I responded and asked again for the account to be deleted. Another email followed asking me for my date of birth and zip code. I responded and the account was deleted.

    So to get your account deleted follow these steps:

    Step 1: submit request using online customer contact form (and wait for nothing to happen)
    Step 2: email customer support
    Step 3: exchange emails requesting deletion (again)

    So it is a very long process that requires patience. It is unnecessary, particularly if you have a free account.

  2. Last time I checked, Spotify was marked as “ease of service: grey”…. Either I’m losing my mind, or I misread the print.

    Yes, “ease of service” to delete your account is grey if you have to contact a second party to do it for you. Horrible process. White would mean that you can easily do it yourself. Black means … well … you’re screwed.

    Hope this helped out. I love Spotify, but anything that cannot be deleted easily is grating to my nerves.

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