How to delete your Steam account

Steam is very unclear about account removal. You should try to file a removal request using the contact form found here: since your account cannot officially be deleted by request. On their support pages they state: ‘Only inactive accounts containing no games are deleted. Accounts cannot be deleted by request.’ However, one of our visitors pointed out that some removal requests are in fact granted, so it’s worth the try.

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A new name can be registered if for some reason you need a new account. For more info on cleaning up your computer from all Steam-related data see:

Then, the Subscriber agreement of Steam states that you can always cancel your account (but how?!). See:

Concluding: it seems nearly impossible to delete your account, since it can never be done by yourself, except for ‘deleting all your games from your account first, hoping for the account itself to be deleted’. Probably this will be done automatically since then your account will look obsolete.


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17 thoughts on “How to delete your Steam account”

  1. Your pages are so “has been”, your site does not respect users privacy and does not help for complete removal but deactivation, this is a site for kids that does not know what mean the word “privacy” and “delete”…have fun!!!

  2. If you wish to contact support in order to cancel your Steam account, direct them to the relevant clause (in this case 10B. Termination by You).
    Once you do that, they’ll say it’s suddenly possible.
    (from personal experience in a similar matter)

      • it’s actually clause 9B in the updated TOS which states the following:

        9B. Termination by You

        You may cancel your Account at any time. You may cease use of a
        Subscription at any time or, if you choose, you may request that we
        terminate your access to a Subscription. However, Subscriptions are not
        transferable, and even if your access to a Subscription for a
        particular game or application is terminated, the original activation
        key will not be able to be registered to any other account, even if the
        Subscription was obtained in a retail store. Access to Subscriptions
        purchased as a part of a pack or bundle cannot be terminated
        individually, termination of access to one game within the bundle will
        result in termination of access to all games purchased in the pack.
        Your cancellation of an Account, or your cessation of use of any
        Subscription or request that access to a Subscription be terminated,
        will not entitle you to any refund, including of any Subscription fees.
        Valve reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred
        prior to the cancellation of your Account or termination of your access
        to a particular Subscription. In addition, you are responsible for any
        charges incurred to third-party vendors or content providers before your

        • help,theres two problems im having with steam.1 i made a perchas that didnt show up in my library.this turned into my 2nd trying to set up a steam support account to contact them, i accidently left out a number for an e-mail and entered an account that dont exsist,now after entering a real account,steam still refers me to the fake account,iv been trying to delete the fake one,ISNT THERE A NUMBER TO JUST CALL THESE PEOPLE, and why dont they have a delete page for this like every bodey else,iv been going in circles for days just becouse i made a perchase on somethingi didnt get!!

  3. To contact STEAM support you need to create a support account and try the procedure.. I wonder if you can delete groups too.

  4. I was successfully able to have several games deleted from my account by referencing section 10B of the Steam Subscriber Agreement. I would imagine that one’s account could be deleted in a similar way.

  5. Where dose it say that inactive accounts will be deleted? My friend got my alt a FOG ban and since I am on the same ip as that account has been on I got one too. If I delete that account then it should not have a ban on me I hope. I just want to be sure it has a chance of working before I ask them to remove csgo from the account and then leave it inactive.

  6. Cancelled my account, received a message confirming removal, simply yes on a yes or no chat button. The thread is locked I’m guessing that means removal or until they review it. My opinion? Their slow as shit, like any tech support!

  7. Steam is PURE FUCKING SHIT!!!! Pay $5 to be able to do anything on the fucking website. FUCK THAT! To get a download you need to subscribe: BULLSHIT! You subscribe and still no download can be found. Stem is PURE FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!

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