How to delete your account

You can’t delete your account. But it gets worse.

One of our visitors writes:

Direct quote from a customer service representative: “Please be advised that we do not have an option to delete/remove anyone’s account as per our privacy policy. We can only have your account be removed from the mailing list.”

Try to to obfuscate the data in your account. Read the tip below.

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13 thoughts on “How to delete your account”

  1. The don’t let you do crap to get rid of your account. If you’ve purchased something before even if it’s been over 5 years they leave it on files with your name, address, payment method and the like so there’s no way to even ditch the account.. This really angers me. They’re a crappy company to begin with but holding my information hostage is seriously screwed up. Never shop with tigerdirect!


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