How to delete your India Times account

Do not subscribe to their mailing list. Please don’t. You’ll get spammed from everywhere, and unsubscribing won’t help once they spread your email address to hundreds of advertisers.

From their FAQ:

We may also use your email address or other personally identifiable information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent [with an option to subscribe / unsubscribe (where feasible)].

Blurghh. Stay away if you can.

You can contact them using the contact form found here:


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23 thoughts on “How to delete your India Times account”

  1. Thats right. These bastards ask to make an account, then bombard you with 50-60 emails everyday in your inbox. You can not even change email preferences. Its SHIT. Do not make an account with them or you will be in trouble. They also use malware to track your all the activity on internet, you can even compromise your confidential information if you make an account with them. They are hopeless.

  2. These jains don’t care about people’s privacy, they reset the account preferences each times and don’t allow deletion of account. Even in the USA a company owned by a jain called Intelius is selling fake background checks about Indian people and manipulating the system.

    • It worked seems… it says Your data will be deleted from our system within the next 30 days. 🙂 Hope so… These guys will be bankrupted if were in Europe… with such ridiculous policies of almost bordering blackmain

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