How to delete your Twitter account

Use the link below to deactivate your account. Twitter calls it ‘deactivation’ instead of ‘deletion’. In spite of this, it seems your info will actually be deleted. Read for more info.

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29 thoughts on “How to delete your Twitter account”

  1. How can I remove my Twitter account permanently. Here is my situation: 1. I don´t remember my password anymore. 2. I don´ t remember my e-mail address to which I’ve sent my contact information if password’s missing. (The new account has been made also two years ago and in being drunk – and not used since then). 3. The situation is hopless – The account with unpleasant pictures of me has been there now for two years. I made the account when I was drunk and I can’t rememeber much else of that night. So there are these pictures which are capturing my social life and for example, job-hunting, school in social means and the reputation in the future. In according to the civil rights, am I foced to live in prison for the rest of my life because of what I did almost like by mistake in the past. Why doesn’t Twitter support and maintenance take care things like that? I red from somewhere that the account is removed automatically if it’s not used for half year. In my case, the punishment still goes on and on….for 2 years exactly right now. What the hell should I do. If someone could remove the account, I’d give my little finger for that action. It would be a salvation, a new start to my life. Please help the hopeless!

  2. I have a very old account. And I already forgot my yahoo/gmail account. I also forget my password and email on twitter? the thing is I could search it on google with my personal name. Is it possible that twitter would delete my account itself without logging in anymore?

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